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Throughout the entire college process I never felt lost or confused like most of my friends. Because of our connection to Claire Cafaro at Clear Directions, my parents and I were always aware of what needed to be done and when it needed to be completed. I never missed any deadlines and was always one step ahead of where I needed to be in the college process. Each step of the college process was given time and careful consideration to the point where it became a sort of adventure. My counselor at Clear Directions was always available for me, and we had an especially close connection through e-mail. I knew that any time I had questions or needed advice, I could e-mail my counselor and receive a response within 24 hours. At Clear Directions, I felt supported at all times. My counselor's kindness, generosity, advice, and expertise were incredible and made the college process so easy! If I had to go through the entire college process over again, I wouldn't do it any other way. My counselor knew my interests, my goals, and my dreams and helped guide me to my college destiny. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to make informed decisions about my future with a counselor at Clear Directions.
Jackie Marano, student - Oak Knolls HS, NJ
We came to the college admission process pretty well prepared. We had done loads of research and actually visited quite a number of campuses. When we decided to use Claire Cafaro it was initially to ensure we had covered all the bases. While we thought we and our daughters had identified the colleges most suited to their interests, we were happy that Claire introduced one or two choices perfectly matching our daughter's profile but which we had completely overlooked. We were surprised to find Claire not only tied up loose ends for us, she also added many insights to the myriad of essays our daughters wrote, editing them carefully, and sharpening their focus. Considering college is such an enormous investment it is well worth obtaining professional advice and perspective. We highly recommend Claire Cafaro for such assistance.
Bonnie McCarthy, parent
Immaculate Heart Academy, NJ
Claire is fabulous! She is such a kind, gentle and comforting person. She really put my stepdaughter, her mother and father, and myself at ease in terms of the college application process. She is so knowledgeable about schools all over the country and was able to provide us with a list of schools that fit Aly perfectly. She is also a wellspring of information regarding websites and resources that address anything from virtual college campus tours to getting financial aid. Claire is also unique in that she brings her vast experience with stepfamilies to the process. She has a special understanding of the issues involved with stepfamily dynamics and financial concerns and that made the whole process run that much more smoothly. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Claire. As a clinical psychologist working with teenagers, I would recommend her to any family I am working with. I only hope she is still in business when my two little boys are ready to apply to college about 17 years from now.
Elissa Gross, parent - Clarkstown HS, NY
Clear Direction4U offered my son and me an invaluable service in the college admission process. My son was very fortunate to have a top notch Guidance Counselor in our school also. What Claire provided though that in house Counselors can't always do is spend the much needed time to help wade through the very competitive admissions process in a quiet undisturbed manner. We are in a very competitive area where parents and their children want that edge to stand out for the College Admissions' offices. Claire helped us weed through my son's choices and offered up other very viable alternatives that we never considered. He is now an extremely happy freshman at the College of his choice! As a parent I was so pleased with Claire Cafaro that I will be enlisting her help in short order for my younger son who is a Junior in High School.
Lynn Scerbo, parent - Glen Rock HS
Claire Cafaro is a great advocate to have during a very important and stressful period. Our family began using Claire's service when my son was in his junior year. Her knowledge of the college application process and assessing the colleges our son would be most successful in was a crucial aspect of her service. Claire provided such a great deal of professional as well as comforting advice that we re-signed with Claire for our second son.
MaryJane Donohue, parent - Glen Rock HS Student

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