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Claire Cafaro

Claire Cafaro, M. A., has guided hundreds of students to a successful and happy college destination. Claire is a certified Guidance Counselor who has worked at prestigious high schools, most recently at Ridgewood High School. Claire accesses the latest information on admissions trends and maintains communication with college admissions officials and nationally recognized college admissions experts. Claire serves on the executive board of the New Jersey Association for College Admissions Counselors, and is a member of the nationwide College Counselors Advisory Group for the Fiske College publications. Claire has designed and led many programs on communications skills and leadership skills for teens.

Claire knows the emotional and personal issues that often become entwined with the college admissions process. She has helped students and parents maintain healthy communication and reduce the stress and anxiety that too often become part of this process.

Joseph Cafaro

Joseph Cafaro, M. A., is a nationally certified school psychologist and special education expert who has helped many students with special needs find the appropriate college settings and programs. Joseph helps students determine their learning style and applies this insight to study skills approaches. Joseph identifies the accommodations needed for success in college academics and teaches students the self-advocacy skills they will need in their educational setting.

Joseph maintains ongoing communications with college support programs personnel. Joseph has many years experience administering cognitive assessments in the public school setting and as a consultant to private educational organizations, including the Gifted Child Society in Glen Rock, NJ. Joseph also teaches graduate level courses in education at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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