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Clear Directions provides services for
all students seeking a college education.

We have worked with students and families from many public high schools in, Northern New Jersey, Rockland County and New York City. Our clients have attended high schools in this region including Ramsey, Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Montclair, Northern Highlands, Long Valley, Mendham, Ramapo and Indian Hills, Tenafly, Northern Valley Regional, the Bergen Academy of Science, and the Bronx High School of Science, and Clarkstown HS.

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312 Warren Avenue, HoHoKus, NJ

Explaining how the college admissions process works

Why Choose Clear Directions?

Clear Directions offers expert guidance and successful college admissions strategies for every student.

Our students have been admitted to Ivy League, and the most selective colleges, as well as an array of top-notch colleges and excellent post-secondary opportunities.

Clear Directions supports each student with in-depth knowledge of college programs, the admissions process, and meaningful communication and connection with each student.

Colleges work hard at marketing themselves; enrollment managers sometimes view students as commodities. The price of a college education continues to soar. It makes sense to have professional assistance with this very important step in a student's life.

Let Clear Directions help you sort through the hype and myths and lend the most qualified professional and personal interest to your child's college quest. Let us help you maximize your child's success and minimize your family's stress.

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We have assisted students from many private high schools as well. These include Morristown Beard, Oak Knoll and St Joseph's, Immaculate Heart, Bergen Catholic, The Frisch School, Ramaz and Rockland County, NY. Even the most qualified guidance staffs may not provide the necessary time and personal support to help students compare the quality undergraduate programs, and prepare powerful applications.

Top students often have the most impressive credentials yet seem under greatest stress. Analyzing the latest admissions trends, identifying appropriate application strategies and helping students prepare applications that enhance their chance for admissions contribute to reducing that stress and increasing their chance of success. These accomplished students often have many school and extra curricular commitments; they need a professional who can devote time and genuine personal support to their application process, and is available during the summer, evenings and weekends.

Many fine students underestimate their opportunities. Clear Directions is familiar with an array of wonderful college programs and can help students find the right “fit.” Many “ less famous” colleges offer amazing opportunities to students. Some offer excellent program opportunities for the student whose high school record is uneven, or does not reflect the student's true abilities.

Students in special situations, such as those with learning disabilities, single parent families or stepfamilies, often need additional information and support. We have had experience working with students in all of these situations. We identify programs and resources, and help keep communications positive and productive.

Our approach to college admissions helps reduce stress and anxiety. These factors are too often negative and counterproductive aspects of the college admissions experience for students and families. Expert advice and personal support help our students succeed in the face of increased competition, while maintaining healthy perspectives.

Clear Directions helps students and their families by:
    College Admissions Guidance Counseling
  • Explaining how the admissions process really works.
  • Assessing students' credentials and strengths.
  • Clarifying students' interests and priorities.
  • Identifying many colleges that are a "good fit" for each student.
  • Helping students narrow their choices.
  • Clarifying responsibilities, making a plan and keeping
    students “on task.”
  • Providing information on getting the most from a college visit.
  • Helping students prepare resumes and essays.
  • Finding reliable sources of financial aid and scholarships.
  • Comparing the qualities of undergraduate programs.
  • Maintaining supportive communications throughout the process.

Consultants Claire & Joseph Cafaro

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The services of CLEAR DIRECTIONS are designed to complement the important
and valuable work of your high school's Guidance Department.

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